Are You Appalled at the Perversion?


volume 17, number 6, February 8, 2018

“. . . I tore my garment and my robe, and pulled some of the hair from my head and my beard, and sat down appalled.” -Ezra 9:3

Are You Appalled at the Perversion?

I came home the other day and my wife was deeply distressed. I asked, “What is bothering you?” She showed me the cover of the February, 2018 issue of Architectural Digest magazine and began to weep. The cover shows two homosexual men, obviously in a same sex union with their two adopted little boys. This was appalling to my wife. 

It is bad enough when children grow up in fatherless homes, not benefitting from the loving discipline, guidance, and affection from a biological father; but it is far worse for children to be subjected to the perversion of two men or two women purporting to be a legitimate family. Do I even need to convince you of the perversion of this scenario which is increasingly being played out in the United States and other so-called sophisticated countries? Our 2010 U.S. census reports that two million children in just a few southern states are being raised by lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender parents.[1] This article cited here tries to debunk the notion that children from same-sex unions are adversely affected by such an arrangement. We, of course, know better. 

Even though we need no facts to justify our abhorrence of such perverted attempts at the new normal, evidence clearly shows the negative and destructive effects of such efforts of social engineering. Children raised by same-sex couples are far more likely to suffer depression and demonstrate higher risk of suicidality, imbalanced closeness, child abuse, and self-esteem and obesity problems than children raised by male-female parents.[2] The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health tracked children raised by twenty same-sex couples (seventeen lesbian couples, three gay couples) over a period of thirteen years (1995 to 2008) and found the problems listed above began to show up in their twenties. They were twice the risk of depression and nearly 72% were obese (compared to 37% of children with opposite sex parents). Thirty-seven percent were suffering suicidal thoughts as opposed to 7% of those with opposite sex parents.[3]

When the princes of the land of Israel approached Ezra and told him that their people were not separating themselves from the peoples of the foreign lands, and were embracing the abominations of the Canaanities, the Hittites, et al, and were giving their children to be married to pagans, that the holy nation was being intermingled with the peoples of the land, he could not stand it. Ezra had an intolerable burden, what I like to define as an intense, agony, grief, and alarm at the status quo in one’s personal life, family, church, and nation. 

My friend, are you appalled at what is happening with increasing regularity to adopted children? The new normal is an abomination to the Lord. Surely, you can see this. But does it burden you? Are you able to say that at least figuratively, you have torn your garments and torn hair from your head and beard?

Ezra could not stand the status quo. Neither could Daniel, who after reading of Jeremiah’s prophecy that Israel would again return from exile after the Medo-Persians came to power, confessed his sin and prayed from the morning to the evening sacrifice. Neither could Nehemiah who, after hearing that the walls around Jerusalem were still in disrepair, wept, fasted, and prayed for days; who after hearing that God’s people were persisting in giving their children to be married to pagans, contended with them, beat them, and pulled the hair out of the heads. 

What did Daniel, Ezra, and Nehemiah all have in common? They could not stand the status quo. They had an intolerable burden. And consequently they prayed earnestly, fervently, urgently, and persistently.

Are you appalled at the continued slaughter of the innocents in our country? Are you appalled that homosexuality and transgenderism is now so readily accepted in our culture? Are you appalled at the lukewarmness of the Laodicean church in the western world? Are you appalled at the corruption in government at the local, state, and federal levels? 

If not, then ask God to stir up within you an intolerable burden, that you simply have had enough. And when you gain the intolerable burden, you will begin to pray as you ought. We must have millions of conversions in Western Europe and the United States or we are surely doomed to the Islamization of what once was a Christian consensus. But we will never have millions of conversions until we have gospel power, and we will never have gospel power without the Holy Spirit coming upon us, and we will never have an outpouring of the Holy Spirit unless we pray; and we will never truly pray until we gain an intense agony, grief, and alarm at the status quo in our personal lives, in the church, and in the world. 

Do you have the intolerable burden? If not, then ask God to grant it to you. If you do have it, thank God and keep it. And if you once had it and now have lost it, repent; and do the deeds which you did at first. Keep seeking Him until you find Him for He promises that you will be found by Him if you seek Him with all your heart.


1.  Do Same Sex Parents Impact the Mental Health of Their Children? Medical Daily, June 25, 2013.

2. Study: Same-Sex Parenting Hurts Kids More Than We Think, Dailywire, July 7, 2016

3. Ibid.

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