The Perversion of Homosexuality and Its Consequences


volume 18, number 4, January 24, 2019

You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”  -Leviticus 18:22[1]

The Perversion of Homosexuality and Its Consequences

As you no doubt have observed, homosexuality has entered the mainstream of our culture and is fully ensconced as an acceptable lifestyle. As of 2014, 49% of Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) members believe that homosexuality ought to be accepted in our culture. That’s up from 41% in 2007.[2] That is a shocking percentage for a Bible believing church committed to the Westminster Confession of Faith. To hear many people today speak of homosexuality in such a positive and casual manner begs the question-do people really know, or have they forgotten, what actually happens in male homosexual intercourse? Such is so perverse that I shall not mention it here because Paul the apostle tells us that it is disgraceful even to speak of such things done by them in secret (Ephesians 5:12). You can read about it somewhere else, if you wish.

Homosexuality is a serial, perverse, and abominable lifestyle. There is a very good reason why God calls it an abomination. For example, most people have failed to comprehend the degree to which a majority of homosexuals engage in their wicked perversion. 

Consider that:-83% of homosexual men had sex with at least 50 partners, 43% with 500 partners, 28% with more than 1000 partners in their lifetimes. -79% of homosexual men say over half of their sex partners are strangers.-70% said that over half their sex partners were one time events. -Sexual fidelity (faithfulness to one person) is also very rare. Among married heterosexual females, 85% report sexual fidelity. Among married heterosexual males, 75% report sexual fidelity. Among homosexual males in their current relationship, 4.5% report sexual fidelity.[3]

Smart phone hookup apps are now available for homosexuals which make their casual, one time experiences even easier to access. 

Many “pro gay” websites seek to downplay the serial nature of homosexuality but statistics do not lie. 

To go further, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, while not commenting on the morality or immorality of homosexuality, lays out the clear cut health risks for homosexuals. Consider the following. Men who have sex with men have higher rates:-of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s)-tobacco and drug use-depression.

Why are HIV and STD’s more prevalent in homosexual men? Because:-the prevalence of HIV among sexual partners of gay, bisexual men is 40 times that of sexual partners of heterosexual men.-receptive anal sex is 18 times more risky for HIV acquisition than receptive vaginal sex.-Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men on average have a greater number of lifetime sexual partners.

To go further, gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men make up more than half of the people living with HIV in the U.S. and experience two thirds of all new HIV infections each year. In 2012 75% of reported syphilis cases were among gay and bisexual men. Keep in mind that a Gallup poll in 2015 reports that only 3.8% of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.[4] So, as one example only, 3.8% of our population are accounting for 75% of syphilis cases. 

The CDC recommends sexually active gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men test at least once a year for:-HIV -Syphilis-Hepatitis B-Hepatitis C-Chlamydia and gonorrhea of the rectum, penis, and throat.[5]
Then there are the emotional and mental issues which homosexuals face. Michael Hobbes, who identifies as gay, writes of an “epidemic of loneliness.” He says, “For years I’ve noticed the divergence between my straight friends and my gay friends. While one half of my social circle has disappeared into relationships, kids, and suburbs, the other has struggled through isolation and anxiety, hard drugs, and risky behavior. And that’s just the beginning. Homosexual males also suffer from higher rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer, allergies, asthma, and a whole host of behavior-related infections and dysfunctions. They are twice as likely to experience major depressive episodes, report having fewer close friends, and abuse drugs at an alarming rate.[6]

Hobbes discounts the bullying hypothesis, that people holding hateful attitudes toward homosexuals are the reason homosexuals are suicidal. He says that in countries like the Netherlands and Sweden where same-sex marriage has been the law of the land for years, gay men remain three times more susceptible to mood disorders and three to ten times more likely to engage in suicidal self-harm.[7]

Here’s the bottom line-men having sex with men and women having sex with women is an abomination before the Lord. It is abhorrent to God. It is disgusting to God, plain and simple. 

Don’t listen to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) which in 1973 removed homosexuality from their list of mental illnesses and which now champions the movement.[8] Don’t buy into the notion that homosexuality is a benign, neutral, viable, alternative lifestyle option. It is deadly. It is destructive. It tempts people to seek sensual and emotional pleasure and rewards them with physical, emotional, and spiritual pain and death. 

It is a severe perversion of God’s natural order. Yes, by all means, have compassion on the homosexual. Treat him with dignity, but you must also hold out hope for him. He can be transformed by the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. He can be set free from his slavery to sin. He can live a victorious Christian life, gaining victory over the sinful desires, thoughts, and actions of homosexuality. 

The most compassionate thing you can do is to preach to him repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Tell him that there is always hope in Jesus. Urge him to run to Jesus the great lover of his soul.

1. The Hebrew word for abomination is toebah, something disgusting, abhorrent. Most often the word in the Old Testament is used in the context of idolatry, sexual sin, and licentious behavior, Leviticus 7:18, 11:10-13, 18:22, 20:13.     
2. Pew Research Center Survey of U.S. Religious Beliefs and Practices, article by Caryle Murphy, “Most U.S. Christian Groups Grow More Accepting of Homosexuality.” December 18, 2015.
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